XCWeather Mobile

New - XCWeather on iPhone

Some of the XCWeather goodness is now available as an Apple iPhone Web App.

At this first release it displays observations and forecasts for all of the UK stations and static maps of wind and weather. Next on the to-do list are region overviews, geo-location, more countries and interactive maps.

To view the site, point your iPhone at: http://xcweather.co.uk/m
(don't bother clicking the link unless you have an iPhone as it doesn't work in any of the desktop browsers (yes that includes Safari)

Follow the instructions below to install XCWeather on your iPhone home screen.

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5
Start Safari and enter the address


Don't forget the '/m'

When XCWeather has loaded, select the '+' button (bookmark) from the bottom of the screen. From the pop-up box select the
'Add to Home Screen' button
Press the 'Add' button at the top right. VoilĂ , you should now have an XCWeather icon right there with all your other apps.

N.B. The iPhone version of XCWeather is a Web App which means you won't find it in the Apple App Store as it's loaded from the internet.

For all the Blackberry loving, Nokia using, Android toting types, bear with me! Currently over 85% of all mobile visitors to XCWeather are using iPhones so simple maths dictated that the iPhone version had to come first. However, based on the response to this version, I'm hoping to provide support for many more phone types as this aspect of the site develops.


XCWeather is also available as a WAP site

To view the WAP site point your phone at :

Or for a live demo on your PC try:

Please note: The URL contains the numeral one not a lowercase L

Main Features:
  • Wind map image of the UK with over 30 arrows.
  • Detailed weather information for over 200 UK stations.
  • A single page overview of wind speed and direction across each region.
  • Updated every half hour.
Use the emulator to view the site from your PC before trying it from your phone.